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Did you know that the majority of our rescue cats and kittens are either from the streets or were classed as unadoptable by our shelter systems?  Our group intakes these forgotten felines, we nurture, build trust and each at their own pace ends up on this page as part of their journey home.


A beautiful 6 year old gal, who loves people, & was surrendered through no fault of her own, this chatty gal deserves the best forever home !!!
Buffy was born about July 24th.
She can be a little shy but loves to play, play, play with her siblings, especially Raven.
She will come and lay by & on you on her own terms and will reward you with purrs for bum scritches.
This little gorgeous honey will be a loving addition to any family. She & Raven are joined at the hip & it would be wonderful if they went home together.
Raven's foster mom likes to call her little bird as a nickname. She enjoys perching on shoulders and has a high pitched chirpy meow.
Raven love love loves to play with toys & just play period, especially with sister Buffy. She is always zooming around and playing. But when she is ready for a nap, snuggling with Buffy or on a lap is her favourite place to be.
Raven was born about July 24th.
Dave & Harley, his sister, were born July 10th & both are little purrminators. They will make fabulous additions to any family.
They have grown to love the family giant pup & cry to get out to play with him.
Dave is the more cuddly of the two & loves being held like a baby as his foster mom rubs his belly.
Harley & her brother Dave, were born July 10th & would be great additions to any family.
Both kitties have grown to love the resident giant pup & cry to get out to play with him.
Harley loves to give kisses & nibbles to the fingers & sometimes noses. She is a darling who will capture your heart as soon as you meet her.
Born May 24th, Paul is a fun kitty and will make a wonderful addition to any family with one of his siblings or or with a young kitten already in the family.
He is a bit shy at first but as long as he gets attention & cuddles, he'll warm up quick to anyone.
Janis Joplin is a beautiful, sweet, dilute gal born in early June.
She & her roomie, Grace, are girlfriends & play together having fun as kitties do. She is the stereotype typical kitty - loving play, snuggling & is full of purrs.
Janis would be a wonderful addition to any family with another kitten close to her age.
Molly purrs the second you touch her. A bit more independent than her brother, so not necessarily a lap cat.
She loves to hang out on comfy beds or in the sunbeams.
She is a beautiful tortie girl without the attitude.
Molly & her siblings were born May 31st.
Born May 24th, this little beauty will make a wonderful addition to any family with either one of her siblings or a young kitty in the family..
Although she has only a nub of a tail, she still likes to run & play!
When she is in pounce mode, you can see her little nub wiggle as she plays.
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