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barn horse and cat

Rodent Wranglers

There are many feral (wild) cats that are trapped and brought into our shelters and pounds. Without rescue and without finding suitable rural placements their chance of a live release is dismal.

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By offering these cats a place in your barn is truly giving them a second chance at life, while providing a natural rodent abatement program on your property. 

Most feral cats will stay out of sight, and do their best hunt when we've all called it quits for the day.  Saying that, it is a requirement that our working Rodent Wranglers are treated like all the other animals on your property and are provided food and water and adequate shelter for our cold climate.

The myth that by feeding the cats will not hunt is just that - a myth.  It is the cats' natural prey drive that kicks into gear that ensues the hunt.

If you have a barn and could accommodate our working cats then please contact us.

Please complete our application and forward back to us. We'd love  to talk to you.


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