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If Cats Could Talk

We are beginning to compile stories on just a few of the cats that have touched our hearts in our Rescue of Dreams,  Please enjoy their stories


"Of course we had known about Tom's presence but hadn't realized he had out stayed his welcome to that point - until the phone call came".  

It was towards the end of 2021 when Tom was brought into one of our participating vet clinics.  Unbeknownst to the little chap, he had an appointment to be euthanized. Turned out Tom had an undiagnosed and untreated urinary tract infection that caused him to want to pee all the time.  A urinary infection can distress a cat so much that it usually results in them peeing inappropriately out of their box and so did Tom.  All his previous owner saw in him was a bad cat and because of that he had to go one way or the other.   

Thank heavens in his last minutes he struck a chord with the clinic staff and they asked for his previous owner to surrender him instead.  So Tom got a reprieve and was treated by the clinic and speedily got better.  However, this was not the perfect end for him.

In the months that followed as a clinic cat, his environment was proving harder and harder for him to cope with.   He was miserable with number of strange cats and dogs coming and going daily. The stress was catching up to him and once again there was talk of ending his life. 

Of course we had known about Tom's presence but hadn't realized he had out stayed his welcome to that point - until the phone call came.  He was given sanctuary that same night. 

Tom spent quite some time in care with us and together with our then partner Pet Valu  at Namao we provided him with an excellent home from home and the opportunity to find his forever pet parents - and that he did!

As you can see, this  little fella is excelling, there's now a little "jiggle in his wiggle" and he has found a mom and dad who simply adore him.  He's overcome some pretty big obstacles in the time we have known him. Well done little man we are so, so  proud to have been a part of your journey in life.  06\22

Tom 2.jpg

Melba and Brie

Life is not about where you “pitch your tent” it’s about how much love there is surrounding it. Reach out to us.

You just don’t know which way the cookie’s going to crumble sometimes. We wish it was easy, cut and dried but it’s not when dealing with anti-social kitties.

Some of you may remember this precious mom and daughter duo who lived outdoors, who both gave birth around the same time and who were both excellent mommas to their babies. We had high hopes and great expectations that these two girls would at some point acquiesce and adapt to life by the fire. We have to tell you that’s not the case.

We want Melba and Brie to live their best life, where they choose to be happy and not where we want them to be happy - their happiness is freedom. Melba and Brie are not your run up and greet you kinda cats, in fact they’ll probably shun you like a couple of lionesses and walk the other way. For all the lack of social skills though it doesn’t mean they have not been loved and quite frankly pampered while they raised their babies.

It’s their turn to find a home that can give them their best life opportunities. These girls are used to being fed good food dry and wet, have access to plenty of fresh water and they are used to a warm place to sleep with bedding that’s clean and dry. They would be more than happy in your garage/shop/enclosed barn or your acreage/farm home as eventual indoor/outdoor girls. If you can give them the best life country living has to offer, please reach out to us. 07/22



Melba and Brie found their home at the beautiful 

Mission Ridge Stables.


Perfect for Melba and Brie, Mission Ridge is a full service family-oriented horseback riding facility located minutes North of St. Albert with easy access to St. Albert, Edmonton, and surrounding towns. 


We are so happy these two. 


A Celebration Of Life

2011 - 2022

We’re going back 5 years now but Elvis’ story started way before then. According to his tattoo date of 2011 there was much of his history we missed.

We first met Elvis in May of 2017 he’d been living under a dumpster in the back staging area of a westend business. I mean talk about Heartbreak Hotel.  After completing a lengthy stray hold at ACC and them tracing his tattoo, it was evident nobody was coming forward for him.

The cat gods had other plans for Elvis anyway. There was no going back to people who had shattered his life in the past. Instead he was to find his Earth Angels and that he did. He moved into his home a king. He settled in with his dog and cat siblings and was loved by his people beyond any words can describe. Even though he was getting older he still carried a joie de vivre and entertained his family like only Elvis could.

He was one of those cats that should have lived a hundred years, but sadly his kidneys had been progressively failing him. In their final act of love and kindness this week, his family stayed the course while Elvis took his final breath.

They are hurt by his loss but are intent on celebrating his life. Elvis’ encore is the laughter and the memories he created during his life’s show with them. “Elvis has left the building” but for certain he will never leave their hearts.



Another little cat lost, who has come to be known as Athena.

Her story starts in May last year when she was seen in an industrial yard scurrying from one hiding hole to another, dragging a paw that was barely intact.

Not social, this young lady had to be humanely trapped. Her paw was a mangled mess and no doubt the pain must have been intolerable for her as she tried to survive.

Regarding her surgery, the choice was made to go the most conservative route in an attempt to keep what was left of her paw that was still viable. Our thanks to Kittyhawk Foundation and their vet for taking care of this successful approach.

She has been convalescing in our care since May 2022 and over and above her physical healing there has been months of mental healing too.

Although Athena’s paw bears the evidence of her accident it is of no detriment to her function.

This, once upon a time, brave little cat lost who survived despite her injury is another star now ready to be found by her new family. Athena will need a home that will give her the time to feel confident and secure, when that happens she turns into a little social butterfly and great companion.  

Athena foot 1.jpg


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