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Ahh kittens... their vulnerability coupled with their sassy attitudes is what makes them adorable. 


However, what makes them a behaviorally good kitten and an eventual good cat? We believe it's being able to grow and learn with a sibling or at least an other kitten of similar age.  Hundreds of kittens have found their homes through LCL. We've watch it, lived it, and loved it!

That is why at Little Cats Lost we have a policy that kittens under 12 weeks must be adopted with another sibling or kitten of similar age and kittens over 12 weeks adopted with a kitten under 6 months.

So before you look at all our adorable cuteness please be ready to commit to a pair.

Pre-adopt - what does it mean?

If you are looking for a pair of kittens we can help you find your little bundles of joy early.  The way it works is to pre-adopt.  After meeting and pre-qualifying for your babies, when they reach 7-8 weeks, we will proceed with the pre-adoption under the understanding that the kittens remain with us until they are altered at the age of 10 weeks or 1000 grams which ever comes first.  This will allow us to provide the necessary vaccines, boosters, deworming etc. to your babies.



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We hope you enjoy looking at the babies.  Please keep in mind while doing so that they have relied on each others company from birth.  So choosing a pair of siblings is a very compassionate thing to do. With odd litter mates we will place and integrate them through our foster home program.


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Hi, I'm Thistle....a sweet, soft girl, born Sept.21st/20.
I have a story & my foster mom will share it with you. As they say, "I've come a long way, baby" & I'm still on my journey.
I might seem as though I don't want to be cuddled but in those purrrfect arms I will melt & reward my person with soft purrs.
Know that I am still working on building my confidence but if you give me time & you earn my trust, I'm the kinda gal who will be there for you furever. I do need a feline furiend, though .
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Hi, I'm Kobe! Me & my twin, Jumpei, were born about Sept. 1st.
We are super active & love to play with anything & everything.
Not only are we busy boys but we are extra sweet & purr as soon as we are held & meow for affection.
In a nutshell, we just love life!
BTW we haven't met kids or dogs yet & we are uber bonded so we need to go home together.
Hi, Jumpei here...Kobe's twin brother. I'm not quite as active as my mischievous brother so you can hold me for longer.
Like Kobe, I'm playful...just not as... but I'm as affectionate & love people just as much.
We are on the hunt for our forever family & promise nothing short of of a lifetime of love & fun for our new family.
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Born Sept. 23rd, these sisters are small for their age and typical sweet kitties.
Hi I'm Shiraz. Me & sis are ready to go to our very own family - together, of course.
We pack a big whallop in the play dept. - little play machines but we love snuggles & cuddles too.
Foster mom says we are perfect kitties - well balanced, social, good house manners...what more could any family want?
We are ready for you; are you ready for us?
Hi There, I'm Chard - Chardonnay & I am petite & sweet. I love to play either with sister or independently.
I love to help my person with their hygiene & clean their face too.
Mom says sis & me are well behaved & well balanced between snuggly & playful.
We would fit well into any family but haven't been with dogs since we were really little.
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Hi Im Pinot & me & my brother Merlot are mirror images of each others personalities.
But guess what? I'm even more affectionate than Merlot.
We love to play & can get pretty feisty with each other but that's just our play style. We love each other.
We must go home together...& just to let you know we haven't met little humans or dogs yet.
Born Sept.23rd, I'm Merlot. am very active, playful & purr the moment I am touched. I love any kind of toy esp. string toys & feather wands. Tissue paper on the floor is an absolute favourite. I like a human or one of the adult cats or Pinot to sleep with when playtime is over. Mom says I am very affectionate & I need to know where my people are.
I promise you a lifetime of love & warm cuddles.
Pinot & I are a package. lol
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Hazel, a gregarious, spit fire, who loves to explore and find mischief, was born in care with her brother, Linden. They are the best friends who enjoy snuggling and engaging in some rough & tumble play. At the end of a long play session Hazel likes to find the nearest human to snuggle close. She has been raised around a two yr. old child, other cats, small & large dogs,& has even gotten upclose to a few goats & a donkey (all from the safety of the kitchen window). Hazel loves a tall tree.
Linden is a charming guy, with looks to boot! He is playful, friendly & slightly more cautious than his sister, Hazel. This sibling pair are the best friends. You will often find them snuggled together or engaging in some rough and tumble play. Linden enjoys a quick human cuddle before he's off on his next adventure. His new family should be aware that one of Linden's favourite games is seeking out the best hiding place before popping out and startling anyone in a ten foot radius. Born Oct.27!
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Hey There; I'm Blaze. Me & my brother Ash were born July 10th/20. We like to play hard & then rest even harder.
We love it here with our foster mom & the resident cats 'cause its quiet & calm.
Mom says our purrfect family will be experienced & need to give us the time to learn to trust them.
Once we do then we'll shower them with love & attention. We will need to start of in our own small space.
BTW I'm the more bold of the two of us & I love a lap. lol
Hey there, let me introduce myself; I'm Ash, a watchful, thoughtful fellow who likes to observe & get the lay of the land before I jump into anything. I do love my chin scratches, I tell you.
Me & Blaze were born July 9th.
We both are kitties who need a very special furrever purrson who will open their heart & home to us & give us time to trust them. We just might be the kitties who hide when strangers come to the house even after our family have won us over.
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Hi There, Fitz here, another social, friendly kitty.
I need an active playmate like Sully & I'd be good with kids but I'm a bit of a rough player so maybe not little people.
I'm available for adoption with one or my siblings or one of The Brits since we all live together.
Hi, I'm Archie. I'm the sweetest little gal ever!
I'm outgoing, VERY playful, love to be held & I need a playful buddy in my new home.
I'm about 14 weeks now & am available for adoption if you have a kitty my age for me or with one of my furriends from Mrs. Brisby's Brood or The Brits since we all live together.
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Hello There, I'm Purrincess Leia & a Purrincess I, indeed, am.
I adore & I mean adore people. I prefer to be curled in my purrson's lap than play with other cats.
As soon as I see a human I start to purr & ask for attention.
I was born about August 4th & although I haven't met kids I am sure I would be good with them. Right now I am living with a couple dogs ...verdict is out there.
I need a kitty-mate who is easy going & 'cause my housemate from my other life was a bully.
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