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Pre-adopt - what does it mean?

Ahh kittens... their vulnerability coupled with their sassy attitudes is what makes them adorable. 


However, what makes them a behaviorally good kitten and an eventual good cat? We believe it's being able to grow and learn with a sibling or at least an other kitten of similar age.  Hundreds of kittens have found their homes through LCL. We've watch it, lived it, and loved it!

That is why at Little Cats Lost we have a policy that kittens under 12 weeks must be adopted with another sibling or kitten of similar age and kittens over 12 weeks adopted with a kitten under 6 months.

So before you look at all our adorable cuteness please be ready to commit to a pair.


If you are looking for a pair of kittens we can help you find your little bundles of joy early.  The way it works is to pre-adopt.  After meeting and pre-qualifying for your babies, when they reach 7-8 weeks, we will proceed with the pre-adoption under the understanding that the kittens remain with us until they are altered at the age of 10 weeks or 1000 grams which ever comes first.  This will allow us to provide the necessary vaccines, boosters, deworming etc. to your babies.

We hope you enjoy looking at the babies.  Please keep in mind while doing so that they have relied on each others company from birth.  So choosing a pair of siblings is a very compassionate thing to do. With odd litter mates we will place and integrate them through our foster home program.

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