Ahh kittens... their vulnerability coupled with their sassy attitudes is what makes them adorable. 


However, what makes them a behaviorally good kitten and an eventual good cat? We believe it's being able to grow and learn with a sibling or at least an other kitten of similar age.  Hundreds of kittens have found their homes through LCL. We've watch it, lived it, and loved it!

That is why at Little Cats Lost we have a policy that kittens under 12 weeks must be adopted with another sibling or kitten of similar age and kittens over 12 weeks adopted with a kitten under 6 months.

So before you look at all our adorable cuteness please be ready to commit to a pair.

Our thoughts...please read

If you are looking for a pair of kittens we can help you find your little bundles of joy early.  The way it works is to pre-adopt.  After meeting and pre-qualifying for your babies, when they reach 7-8 weeks, we will proceed with the pre-adoption under the understanding that the kittens remain with us until they are altered at the age of 10 weeks or 1000 grams which ever comes first.  This will allow us to provide the necessary vaccines, boosters, deworming etc. to your babies.

Pre-adopt - what does it mean?



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We hope you enjoy looking at all the babies.  Please keep in mind while doing so that they have relied on each other's company from birth.  So choosing siblings is a very compassionate thing to do. With odd litter mates we will place and integrate them through our foster home program.

Fabulous 5 Alives

Bill was born about July 18th .
He is the all round kitty that everybody loves.
This little sweetheart has a condition called megaesphagus that cause him to regurgitate food unless he eats from an elevated tilted dish.
Despite this, Bill views his cup as half full everyday.
He will be a wonderful addition to any family who would open their heart to this special needs boy. .
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Pippy here; I'm one of the 5 Alives & alive I am. When I was real little it was nip & tuck & I almost didn't make it. It's tough when you lose your mom so young. But here I am, full of love, fun & ready to join my forever family.
I was born July 17th & will need a kitty friend close to my own age. I love all my brothers but my big brother Apricat is my fav.
Adopt me & promise, you won't be disappointed.
Cute as a button & tiny like his brother, Pip, Citron was born July17th.
"I might be small but I'm just as fearless & adventurous as my brother Apricat."
Citron will be a great addition to any family.
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Our sweet Grace, such a little darling gal with her yellow eyes & beautiful grey coat, was born July 7th.
Grace will be a wonderful addition to a family who will love her & appreciate her gentle nature.
She is available for adoption with another kitty close to her age.
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 Cha Cha

A new arrival, our little Chaplin is a doll, born about August 29th, he will win the heart of anyone who meets him.
This little guy will need a feline friend in his new home to keep him company.
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Halloween  Honeys

I'm Cha Cha.I was born about August 23rd & I am such a little doll if I do say so myself.
I am your typical sweet kitty - I love to play, wrestle with the other cats & when I'm done I loves my cuddles & snuggles.
Meet me & you will love me. I am very excited to meet you & promise if you bring me into your family I'll make you smile everyday.
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Salem , a beautiful little girl was born July 24th.
She wants nothing more than love, love, love & is in heaven with cuddles & snuggles.
Salem would make an awesome addition to any family.
Hi, I'm Elvira and like my sister, Salem, I am as happy as a bug in a rug to have cuddles & snuggles all day, everyday!
My foster mom says I don't care about anyone else except her even more than my sister.
If you want a cuddle bug for a kitty friend I'm your gal!
BTW I was born July 24th.
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United Kingdom

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Cork was born August 17th & is available for adoption with one of his siblings.
Osborne was born August 17th & is available for pre adoption with one of his 6 siblings.
Paisley is a little doll born August 17th.
She is available for adoption with one of her siblings.
Born August 17th, Bucky is available for adoption
London was born August 17th & is available for adoption with one of his siblings.
Brighton was born with her 6 siblings on August 17th & is available for adoption with one of her brothers or sisters
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Hi I'm Chaquita & I love, love, love my people. I am an affectionate, cuddly & super snuggly 'bote'.

My foster mom says I'm a typical well-adjusted kitten, loving to play, chase stuff & wrestle with the other young cats in the house.

I would love to be part of your family as long as there is another younger kitty to keep me company. BTW I was born July 18th.
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Oscar & Ferb

Hi There, Oscar here. I was born about July st & folks tell me I am the sweetest little cuddle bug.

And you should know that I'm a laid back kinda guy, very calm.

I really love my brother, Ferb; we are two peas in a pod.

Right now I am living with a dog & kids so you can see I'm very versatile & could fit into any family.
So, I'm Oscar's brother, Ferb. We are kinda ying & yang...2 peas in a pod - different but the same.

He's laid back & I'm feisty & spunky, says my foster mom.

I love, love, love to play & can hold my own with the resident adult cats.

You could call me a social butterfly if I wasn't a cat...lol. Like Oscar I would be right at home in any family - kids, cats, dogs, bring them on.
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Rose Petal Flower Family

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Sweet like a buttercup, our little gal is available for pre adoption with one of the Flower Family siblings who were born August 16th.
Ilex is the other boy in the Flower Family of 6. Born August 16th, he is available for pre adoption with one of his siblings.
Sweet Jasmine, born August 16th to Mama Rose-2019 & 5 siblings would make a great addition to any family with one of her siblings & is now available for pre adoption.
Born August 16th, with 5 other siblings, Sweet Pea is exactly just that, a sweet little pea!

She is available for pre adoption with one of her siblings.
Another little Flower, Shasta is a little honey, born August 16th & available for pre adoption with one of her siblings.
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Puzzle Pals

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Born July 10th, Maze is playful and very affectionate. She loves love!
When she's not keeping herself busy with toys, she wants to be snuggling in your lap.
Fearless with the large pup, they will sniff nose-to-nose but she is hesitant to be fast friends yet.
Jiggy, born July 10th,is smart and beautiful.
She is not very shy. She is patient and won't beg for attention but loves gentle pets.
Jiggy is really one of the easiest kitties and never gets into mischief.
Domino, born July 10th, is very sweet and calm natured. She loves her siblings' company and would prefer not too separate.
Every day she gets cuter & cuter.
BTW the Puzzle Pals live with a giant sized dog.
Rubix, born July 10th is the only boy in his litter.
He has the most adorable squeak for a meow and it is just impossible not to fall in love with his expressive eyes.
The way to his heart is definitely food and back scratches....he is in heaven with both at the same time.
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Jessie's Girls

Darling little Ruth, one of Jessie's Girls is as sweet as her sisters, Nancy & Bernie & will be a wonderful addition to any family.
Ruth was born about Sept. 6th & is available for pre adoption with one of her siblings.
Darling little Nancy, one of Jessie's Girls is as sweet as her sisters, Ruth & Bernie & will be a wonderful addition to any family.
Nancy was born about Sept. 6th and is available for pre adoption with one off her siblings.
Darling little Bernie, one of Jessie's Girls is as sweet as her sisters, Ruth & Nancy & will be a wonderful addition to any family.
Bernie was born about Sept. 6th and is available for pre adoption with one of her siblings.
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Christmas Cuties

Flower Family

The Mouse & The Beanie

Sweet little Vixen, the only girl in a family of boys, is a little doll, born Oct. 2nd.
She has that twinkle in her eye & a playful spirit.
She will be available for pre-adoption meet and greets soon and must be adopted with one of her siblings.
Claus is a spirited little guy, born Oct. 2nd & still adjusting to life as an orphan in the world of humans.
He is currently enrolled in pre-adopt finishing school 101 & will be available for meet n greets soon.
What a little honey our Kris is, & is the gift any family would welcome.
He was born Oct. 2nd & will soon be available for pre adoption meet n greets.
Comet is such a darling boy, born Oct. 2nd.
He will be available for pre adopt meet n greet soon.
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