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Did you know that the majority of our rescue cats and kittens are either from the streets or were classed as unadoptable by our shelter systems?  Our group intakes these forgotten felines, we nurture, build trust and each at their own pace ends up on this page as part of their journey home.


Rubix, born July 10th is the only boy in his litter.
He has the most adorable squeak for a meow and it is just impossible not to fall in love with his expressive eyes.
The way to his heart is definitely food and back scratches....he is in heaven with both at the same time.
Born July 10th, Maze is playful and very affectionate. She loves love!
When she's not keeping herself busy with toys, she wants to be snuggling in your lap.
Fearless with the large pup, they will sniff nose-to-nose but she is hesitant to be fast friends yet.
Born August 16th, with 5 other siblings, Sweet Pea is exactly just that, a sweet little pea!

She is available for pre adoption with one of her siblings.
Ilex is the other boy in the Flower Family of 6. Born August 16th, he is available for pre adoption with one of his siblings.
Hi I'm Chaquita & I love, love, love my people. I am an affectionate, cuddly & super snuggly 'bote'.

My foster mom says I'm a typical well-adjusted kitten, loving to play, chase stuff & wrestle with the other young cats in the house.

I would love to be part of your family as long as there is another younger kitty to keep me company. BTW I was born July 18th.
I'm Cha Cha.I was born about August 23rd & I am such a little doll if I do say so myself.
I am your typical sweet kitty - I love to play, wrestle with the other cats & when I'm done I loves my cuddles & snuggles.
Meet me & you will love me. I am very excited to meet you & promise if you bring me into your family I'll make you smile everyday.
Our sweet Grace, such a little darling gal with her yellow eyes & beautiful grey coat, was born July 7th.
Grace will be a wonderful addition to a family who will love her & appreciate her gentle nature.
She is available for adoption with another kitty close to her age.
IHOP was born Aug. 24th & was hand-raised since he was 3 weeks old .
He fought hard to live, formed a bonded attachment to his human 'mom' & is "aggressively' affectionate as a result. lol
He LOVES to be as close to his people as possible.
The sweetest thing is his "old man" meow that signals his desire to be heard & noticed.
He grew up with a big dog & cats in his foster home.
Little IHOP is best adopted with Jack as his difficult journey has led him to be very close to his brother.
Jack was born Aug. 24th/18 & was hand raised from 3 weeks with his 3 siblings. The biggest of his litter he is a very handsome little man with a big personality!
He loves to cuddle like a baby. Big brother who loves to cuddle but needs to be boss kitty!
Jack grew up with cats & a big dog in his foster family.
Jack & brother IHOP should be adopted together & even though they love their resident foster feline friends they do not enjoy the company of other cats who are not part of their family.
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A beautiful 6 year old gal, who loves people, & was surrendered through no fault of her own, this chatty gal deserves the best forever home !!!